Catherine J. Newell

Catherine J. Newell

MA, LAMFT - License # LAMFT10383

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with nearly 15 years experience working with families, couples, and individuals. All couples experience a cycle of highs and lows. By helping couples improve and master their personal style of communication, couples are able to resolve conflict and become closer to one another. Problems may range from negotiating hectic work schedules and the domestic division of labor to recovering from betrayal and infidelity.

Couples that have children find that it is an adjustment when each precious child enters the home. I help couples adjust to growing families and the different needs of each child.

I work with recognizing and establishing healthy boundaries within the nuclear family as well as with extended family members.

As a family therapist, I work with parents to find tools and techniques to establish and maintain a well ordered home environment and when needed, I meet with adolescents to provide a comfortable place for them to process their thoughts, experiences and frustrations.

I also help couples suffering from moderate anxiety and depression.  When a member of the family suffers from depression, I work with the entire family on finding strengths to support the loved one while keeping other family members on track to grow and excel in the midst of the struggles. I help find resources and referrals to treat the depression.

I work with families and couples suffering with addictions to help stabilize the everyday living while the addictions are being treated in a credible addiction recovery setting or with a therapist that specializes in addiction recovery.

I help people find direction in life, set and reach goals, and help individuals recover from loss.

I am primarily solution focused in my work with clients and help them to clearly identify the feedback loops that keep them stuck. I also encourage cognitive and behavioral changes that will lead to a healthier, happier life for all involved.

To schedule an appointment with Catherine call/text 480-331-7358 or email

Evening appointments are available.

Catherine’s fee is $120 for an initial 1.5 hr consultation and $95 for a 50 minute session. She will also work on a sliding scale if needed.