Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler is a clinician-in-training to become a Licensed Clinical Counselor. She is a former high school teacher, and is working to complete her Master’s in Clinical Counseling with Palo Alto University. Michelle was inspired to go into the counseling profession after researching the best ways to help her own children work through their challenges. Michelle has personal experience with good counselors helping with traumatic experiences, couple’s issues, and supporting her children through challenging times. These wonderful professionals set an example for the great things counseling can do.

Michelle brings over 20 years experience in the U.S., international and multicultural environments to her work with couples and families. She enjoys applying that wealth of experience to her counseling relationships. Michelle believes that the best place to start is to build on the strengths of the individual.  Michelle believes that true wellness comes when all parts of us are healthy including; our biology, thoughts, actions, and emotions. It is possible to make small positive changes that have a great impact on our well-being.

Michelle’s areas of interest include working with people regarding:

  • Couples Counseling- become united, repair emotional damage, learn communication skills, foster positive interactions, get support in having difficult conversations about sex, illness, finances, and stage of life changes.
  • Parenting- learn to foster love and respect between siblings, learn to be consistent, support your children in their individual needs, create a home environment to help your children succeed, become united as parents in discipline and family decision making.
  • Depression- get the help you need to have hope and joy again.
  • Anxiety- learn techniques and skills to manage these difficult feelings.
  • Family Therapy- work out difficult family dynamics to foster healthy relationships.
  • ADHD in children and adults- develop coping skills to use your natural tendencies to accomplish your goals. Put support pieces in place so you don’t have to say “no” all the time.
  • Third Culture Kids (TCKs)- Children who are raised in a culture different from their passport culture for a significant number of their development years often struggle with issues around fitting in or navigating the two cultures. (Michelle has lived in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.)

Successful counseling ultimately comes down to finding the right relationship. You want to work with someone that you can connect with who will be an ally in creating the changes you want to make.


Michelle has a sliding fee between $20-$60 and offers evening and weekend appointments.

To schedule an appointment with Michelle call 480-265-1394 or email her at michellescouch@gmail.com