Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler is a Licensed Associate Counselor specializing in working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples.


Wellness comes from balance in all the areas of our lives: emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. Often things come up that can tip the scales beyond what we can handle on our own. In counseling we work together to help you find that balance again, develop skills where needed, and work to move you into a healthier place. With a strong background in biology my approach to counseling is very solution focused and takes into account the natural tendencies and responses that may work against our wellness.

Relational and Couples Therapy

As mammals we are designed to need each other and work through life together. When the person we need most is no longer responsive to us we lose our sense of connection and become understandably upset. Couples often find themselves in distress as they try to connect, but are unable to for a variety of reasons. One partner may get angry while the other shuts down, hoping not to make things worse. You may face challenges around money, family relationships, children, sex, health issues, stage of life issues, or some kind of betrayal.

Couples therapy is designed to create healing experiences at a very basic level, creating a sense of safety from which trust and connection can develop. In therapy we work together to find those underlying emotions and needs that connect partners enabling them to work together again and address those critical areas they want to improve.

Michelle’s additional areas of interest include working with people on:

● Parenting- learn to foster love and respect between siblings, learn to be consistent, support your children in their individual needs, create a home environment to help your children succeed, become united as parents in discipline and family decision making.

● ADHD in children and adults- develop coping skills to use your natural tendencies to accomplish your goals. Put support pieces in place so you don’t have to say “no” all the time.

● Third Culture Kids (TCKs)- Children who are raised in a culture different from their passport culture for a significant number of their development years often struggle with issues around fitting in or navigating the two cultures. (Michelle has lived in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.)

Michelle’s fee is $80 per 50 minute session and offers evening and weekend appointments.

To schedule an appointment with Michelle call (480) 779-9155 or email her at michelle@mfowlercounseling.com