Tanner Muntz

Tanner Muntz

Tanner is an Arizona native, and grew up in Mesa. He completed his undergraduate degree with a dual bachelors at Arizona State University (Family Dynamics and Human Development, and Sociology). Tanner is currently a graduate student at Northcentral University (Marriage and Family Therapy). Tanner uses Gottman and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques in order to take a hands-on, practical real-life approach to problem-solving. Tanner’s goal is to systemically change patterns of thinking or behavior so that clients can develop healthy decision-making skills and create an abundance of self-worth.

Over the last ten years Tanner has worked with individuals, couples and children in some sort of capacity. After graduation from ASU, Tanner spent the next few years working with special needs children in the public-school system. Tanner gained knowledge and practical experience with children triumphing from down syndrome, autism, and many other physical and learning disabilities. In addition, Tanner saw the needs, struggles, support, and successes each parent endured. These experiences have helped mold Tanner into a passionate, patient, and kind individual towards those that need help. Tanner loves to work with children and their parents.

Lastly, one of Tanner’s favorite areas of work is establishing firm foundations for newly wed and young couples. As young couples begin the wonderful journey of marriage, a strong foundation will help them grow through the ups and downs of many years to come.

To schedule an appointment with Tanner, call (480) 254-2480 or email muntz18@gmail.com

Tanner accepts BCBS insurance.  For clients without insurance he can offer a sliding fee.  Evening and weekend appointments are also available.